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Part No. NMU597-024-4-M
Description Clutch Assembly (15-1/2" x 2")
OE Ref 107935-81
Model AS  
Plates Two Plate  
Cover Material Cast Iron  
Release Pull  
Size 15 1/2"  
Spline 2"  
Min FW N/A  
Disc Descript Dampened Coaxial (8 Spring)  
Fric Matl 8 Button (VSR)  
Buttons Lined  
Spring Press 3600#  
Torque 1350
Comments With M-1421 (M-0205) bearing cage.  
Ext Description 15-1/2" x 2" Angle Spring Clutch, Two-Plate, 4-Paddle / 8-Spring, 3600 Plate Load / 1350 Torque, Dual-Zerk

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